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“My approach is to bring Wall Street to Main Street. By fact finding, evaluating, conferencing, calculating ratios and systematizing estate planning, we are able to bring services to people in a new way."

William A. Kelly

Kelly Financial


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Kelly Financial is a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) focused on senior safe money strategies since 1994. Kelly Financial is an independently owned Financial Advisory Firm based in Boston Massachusetts. The firm was founded by William A. Kelly and his wife, Kelly Kelly. In the past 19 years Kelly Financial has specifically focused on bringing together a finely tuned team of professionals, all working to assist clients and families.

“We pride ourselves offering our clients exceptional concierge style service. This means more one-on-one guidance, investment of resources and hands-on support for every client.
Kelly Financial works to develop strategies to potentially increase, preserve and pass assets. We strive to help clients create and maintain leverage in creating and maintaining wealth."

“You’ve worked hard for your money and you have a right to be proud of that fact. You also have a right to a secure retirement and the knowledge that you and only you will be the one who decides how your estate is settled. Protect your accumulated wealth. Prepare for the worst then enjoy the best!”
Bill Kelly
William A. Kelly

Bill Kelly's Senior Safe Money Strategies(R) radio show is in its 8th year. It airs each Saturday from 9:00am to noon on WRKO 680 AM Boston. We have received over 60,000 calls, seated over 15,000 seniors for our workshops and mailed out close to 30,000 Senior Safe Money Strategies Books over the past 10 years.