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  We offer assistance
in the following areas:

- Maintaining Your Accumulated Wealth
- Minimizing Investment Risk
- Increasing Return on Investments
- Understanding Tax Advantages
- Retirement Security Concerns
- New Investment Products
- Longā€Term Financial Planning

William A. Kelly Financial Services is a Registered Investment Advisor. We help investors, especially seniors, project income and plan for retirement. We educate clients with a goal using Income for Life Projections and Risk Reward decisions. Like most seniors you may want to:

  • Keep what you have.
  • Maintain and manage accumulated wealth.
  • Grow your investment when possible while potentially minimizing investment risk.
  • Creating a Return on Investments whenever possible to overcome taxes, inflation and income needs.
  • Pass on what's left to those you love without interference and loss whenever possible.
  • Overcome Income for life Retirement Security Concerns.
  • Employ cutting edge Investment Products.
  • Utilize long term, multigenerational cutting edge income planning.

  • Keep your family fortune in the family. Most seniors want to keep what they have, grow it somewhat and pass on what's left.